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  • Weddings

A bride’s wedding is one of the most joyous occasions of her life, and she brings her artistry, planning, and hard work to the event to make it unique and very special. The discerning wedding photographer understands this and is dedicated to the job of capturing its story, its joys, and loved ones, weaving them into a lasting photographic memento of the day which will gain in value with each passing year.


My photographic approach during the course of a wedding blends Classic, Photojournalistic, and Creative styles – one or other being more appropriate at any given time.

Described as relaxed and friendly, my manner during a wedding sets the bride at ease, alleviating possible anxiety over “posing”, and also supporting the natural interactions and character of the whole group.

– To contribute pleasant, personable service and interaction with you and your guests;
– To provide the best possible service before, during and after the wedding; and
– To create images that are sharp and colourful, well-composed and informative, warm and romantic, timeless in their appeal, and whose value will increase as time goes by.

Advent of the computer has greatly opened up the possibilities for enjoying one’s wedding memories – from a large variety of printed wedding albums, sizes, styles, production methods, and beautiful framed portrait enlargements, to digital slide shows and movies that can be played on personal computers and large-screen TVs, and that also can be easily posted on social media pages like Facebook.

Every wedding is different; therefore the pricing is thoughtfully and carefully considered according to the requirements of your specific wedding.  For further information, please contact: 519-941-6569

It is advisable to book your photographer as early as you can to avoid disappointment. I look forward to helping you with your wedding plans.