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  • Lifestyle Portraiture
    • – Casual, Action, &/or Formal
      – Habitat, on Location
      – Adult, Children, Family
      – Professional, Occupational, & Headshot
      – Arts
      – Sports & Leisure
      – Animal – Equine, Pet

    In lifestyle portraits of people and animals, I’m attempting to capture special moments in the lives of my subjects, very often in their natural “habitat”. In advance of the shoot, I consult and pre-plan with them, and during, I also watch for natural and spontaneous action. I strive to reveal uncontrived dimensions not only of their appearance, but also of their personality, emotions, work, play, even history. All this in sharp, naturally colourful photographic detail.

    Time changes many things, but a single photograph has the ability to freeze and display a precious instant in time. And a series of well-chosen images, placed side-by-side on the wall or in a distinctive portrait panel, weave a powerful impression of the subject’s story. Whichever way, well photographed and displayed cameos of our lives provide us and our loved ones with special memories, conversation, and pleasure that grow with every revisit as the years go by.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words; they catch attention for professional and personal purposes, and make meaningful gifts.

    Our cherished elders, who either have everything, or who don’t want items that just collect dust, never tire of receiving quality, meaningful photos of their beloved children and grandchildren engaged in their growing lives. Reserve a date for your family’s “lifestyle” &/or formal portraits today. They’ll be ready long before Christmas – one excellent gift item checked off your shopping list.